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A fast paced, 45-minute workout including 5 rounds of boxing + 3 rounds of fitness. We offer two styles of Undefeated workout designs: Strength & Power, and Speed & Athletic.


A 50-minute, fitness-only, non-boxing focused workout that complements our standard Boxing + Fitness classes and enhances our member’s results.


We offer 2 variations of this workout: Champ 60 and Champ 90. Both 60-minute and 90-minute workouts are all about community, supporting each other, hard work, and finishing like a Champ.


Beginner-friendly, 30-minute workout that reviews the basic Boxing Fundamentals at a slower pace, focusing on safety and technique.


A 45-minute workout where you’ll experience longer boxing combinations, next level footwork, and Floyd’s famous defensive movements.


Delivered by a certified personal trainer who has access to use the entire studio and all of the training tools to help you meet your personal goals or improve technique.

What is Mayweather Boxing + Fitness?

A high-energy and fun group workout experience that will increase your fitness levels while building your strength and confidence. You’ll love the coach-led workouts that are designed by Floyd himself to make your best even better. But it’s not only about boxing. Fist bumps and high-fives flow faster than the punch combinations. Your instructor will be with you every step of the way, demonstrating every move and putting you on a path toward your goals. No matter who you are: a former athlete, young professional, stay-at-home-parent, or retiree – we will be working together to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.

A Community Beyond the Ropes

Join our thriving and diverse community that works together to lift you higher. Floyd Mayweather is the world’s greatest champion but it took a team to support him and keep him at the top. We all know that with the right team, you can rise to almost any challenge all while having a fun total body workout experience. If you are looking to challenge your limits and improve your fitness and mental strength, then our community is waiting to support and empower you. Take the leap and embark on an incredible fitness journey with us today.

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What members are saying

This is what group fitness should be – high intensity, great energy, but still focus on form and technique. . . I love the classes and feel AMAZING every time I walk out of the studio. This is the very best of group fitness classes.

- Tom

My experience at this gym has been nothing but pure amazement. The staff are on point, thoughtful, engaging, encouraging and call you by name. . . When I leave here after a workout, I feel accomplished and strangely looking forward to the next beat down.

- Tina

What I love about Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is that it feels like a family here. Everyone is so friendly and the coaching team really cares about the members. THIS is what community is all about!

- Barbara

I have never felt more welcome into a fitness family. This was/is an intimidating sport and I almost didn’t go to my first class…… I AM SO HAPPY I DID! If you want to have a great time, get in shape, and learn something new with people that will support and help you through it all… SIGN UP TODAY!

- Adam

Every day I come here, I feel empowered. In these times, it’s really hard to find something that makes you feel that way, which is why this place is so special.

- Olivia
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studio offerings


fun community events

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