About the Red Mountain Weight Loss Campaign

Medical supervision is absolutely necessary to detect and treat weight related medical conditions, as well as to improve the patient's overall health and well being. A program supervised by a Bariatric Physician, who has completed training in Obesity Medicine, offers a comprehensive and effective approach to maximizing overall health and reversing weight related diseases.

  • We build real results! In just 12 months, Red Mountain had 100% growth in appointments from digital space – quantifiable results that showed up in the bottom line.
  • Organic traffic increased by more than 200% in their 1st year with our services. Increasing traffic not only increases profits – it increases referrals and new customers.
  • Costs went down, but the results went up! Our professional services reduced their digital marketing spend by more than 50% while sales increased – that’s a win-win.
  • We counted clicks and reduced the overall cost per click on Google by more than 50%. Count on Monocle to bring new customers and clients to your business and to protect your budget.
  • We do it all! The best results come from multiple digital placements. The Red Mountain campaign includes SEM, SEO, social media advertising & website development.

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