About the Brooklyn Bedding Campaign

Brooklyn Bedding is a major mattress manufacturer that sells theirs beds online and in 30+ brick and mortar locations. They needed to expand their ecommerce business while maintaining their presence as a local mattress retailer. Traditional advertising programs had not had success - they came to MONOCLE looking for other options.

  • Talk about success! Brooklyn Bedding has seen their online sales go from $260,000 a month to $1,300,000 a month. We helped fuel phenomenal growth and helped customers sleep very well.
  • We can take you nationwide. Brooklyn Bedding has been featured in and on several national publications & shows. We can build your reputation and that will build your sales.
  • Here’s some name dropping! Current ads run nationwide and can be heard on shows like On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and the Elvis Duran Show. We’ll place you in the limelight.
  • It’s where your customers are. They’re engaged and so is Brooklyn Bedding. Social media engagement has increased by more than 100% and it’s going to show up in the bottom line.

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